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Any Attitude, Altitude, Any Aircraft, from ultralights, and business jets, to  Acrobatics, and Aerobatics Flight Teams the world over; they all use the same Aircraft Battery, the Concorde Aircraft Battery. Ultralights and Light Sport Aircraft are some of the most maneuverable and enjoyable aircraft available to the public. Aircraft designed purely for entertainment, without the payload, capacity, or seating to do any real work, are often designed for inverted and acrobatic flight. Concorde Battery Corporation encourages this budding form of avaiation, and would like to show you.
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Any Attitude, means any G force roll, inverted manuever, and dog fighting trick too. This website is also dedicated to some of the best aerobatic flight teams, acrobatic flight teams, and other precision flight teams in the world. Each happens to be powered by the world class Concorde Aircraft Batteries made in California. We hope this compilation is both enjoyable, and shows off some of these pilots skills. They have certainly earned these accolades.